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Client Love

Anna, UK 

I reached out to Jas 6 weeks ago as my 14 month was waking which felt like every hour in the night. Few months later, I have a child that sleeps at least 6 hours in the night but also in his own room! Jas coached me in a way that did not require me to leave my boy to cry it out - I didn't know this approach was even possible. Thank you Jas!

Jen, Glasgow

I didn't ever think my baby would sleep in her cot after 11 months of sleeping with me. Jas is very reassuring and removed any guilt and doubt in me that I had failed as a parent. She also helped with my older child’ who is now comfortable falling asleep on his own – all in under 3 weeks! Thanks Jas!

Jyoti, Birmigham

Jas offered sound practical advice which was tailored to my baby’s very sensitive temperament. I am now in a position where I can leave my baby with my husband or mum, knowing he will settle with them safely and calmly.

Amanda, London

Jas’s approach was very understanding of my family's current position. Jas provided support that was invaluable at a time where my family needed it the most. The only thing I regret is not contacting her sooner. 

Toddler with Wooden Toys

Vijay, UK

''Our first baby was a wonderful but terrifying experience. We had so many questions Are we feeding him correctly? Why is he crying? How can we get him to sleep? How can we build a robust and sustainable routine for him? We sought advise from Jas and she was able to support us in so many ways. She carried out a series of consultations and devised a practical, easy to implement plan, which was personalised to our needs Jas was very professional in her correspondence and ensured she based her advice on proven techniques. We are eternally grateful to her for making this experience so manageable and being on call whenever we needed her.''

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