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Meet Jas

I believe it is our job as parents to respond to our baby's needs with love and support (day and night)

I believe in connecting with our children during the day, instead of forcing separation at night

I believe parents' connection with their child impacts their emotional and wellbeing later in life

I believe that children and babies need close contact with their care-givers to help build trusting relationships in their future

Baby & Toddler Sleep Support

It's my commitment and passion to help families meet their sleep goals.

My experience is much like that of many other parents I meet and speak to where sleep is one of the most challenging parts of parenting. Getting the right balance of being available and present during the day is difficult enough, never mind mid-way through the night. I learnt that the best way to parent my children was to trust my instinct and following my baby’s cues.
Having completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme, I am an accredited Holistic Sleep Coach (OCN level 6, the highest accreditation in this field) and I am on the exciting journey to join the IBCLC (Int, Board of Certified Lactation Consultants).
My degree in Human Biology with Psychology and Sociology, along with the Holistic Sleep Accreditation, and experience of being mum of three children (5 years and under) allows me to holistically support families to thrive in a way that validates instincts and nurtures the attachment relationship.

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