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Holistic Sleep & Wellbeing Coaching

Optimising baby and child sleep through a family-centric approach

I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals, and your child's sleep and wellbeing is not different. As a fully certified and accredited Holistic Sleep Coach (OCN L6, the highest level available) I’m here to help you reach your little ones sleep goals.

Image by Paige Cody
Image by Emmalee Couturier

I support families through:
Valuing the natural attachment and nurturing needs of your child;
Respecting age appropriate child development;
Providing confidence to understand and deal with ‘normal’ expectations of sleep
Respecting and adapting to your little one's still-developing brain;
Encouraging parents to believe in and follow their instincts;
Being led by the families goals, not mine;
Only using evidence based information and techniques.

I help families to:
Appreciate realistic, age and developmental appropriate expectations about sleep;
Understand and recognize your little ones cues to support a trusting relationship
Positively be able to support any distress in your child’s mind, through responsive parenting
Create a calm, safe and enjoyable sleep routine and sleep space
Understand sleep education at different ages of a child’s life

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